Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yesterday was like John wasn't sick at all. I absolutely love these days. He went to lunch with his friend Jeff and after lunch they decided to go fishing. Wow! John must have been in his glory.
He was out, with his friend, fishing, just like the good old days. John gets home around 3ish to greet me with a knee full of scrapes! Yikes! John! Not good. John is on a blood-thinner now, in addition to his regular meds. The main thing is John is suppose to be extremely cautious not to get any infection of any kind. I am in a little bit of a panic now, scared his cuts may get infected.
I cleaned it as much as he would allow me to (of course it hurt), I put some antibacterial ointment on it and crossed my fingers.
I know John wants to act and be as normal as possible, but he needs to keep in mind, he cannot get any type of infection. This could be bad.
I hate the days before treatment, because he really does act normal, like he is not sick at all. Can do things just like he did before he got sick. Then treatment day comes and knocks him down a few pegs, not too bad, but bad enough where he gets tired quicker, doesn't feel like he can do much. By the time day 4 after treatment comes, he is exhausted by everything he does.
Day 5, he knows, no more prednisone, not comes "Withdrawal Will" (as you can see I am not a big fan of "Will", he is mean! I keep on having to tell myself, "John is still in there somewhere, he should be back in a couple of days"
This sickness has changed our lives in so many ways, it makes you look at things in a totally different light. You come to find out who your true friends are. Who will stick by you no matter what. Family, can't say enough...lucky to have such a great one!

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