Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 7 in Boston

Today is Monday, it will be 1 wk tomorrow that John has been in BW Hospital. He has been so extremely lucky he has not been sick,sick. He did have a touch of the "poopies", and threw up 3x's. The doctor
came in this afternoon and told John he is doing extremely well taking into consideration the amount of chemo he has had. He told him he looks better than some of his patients.

John's stem cells will be reinfused tomorrow, and Wed. because he had so many cells harvested they need to put them all back in. His first infusion will start at noon tomorrow, another one at 4 pm, and then on Wed he will have his last one at 4pm. His recovery process will start from there....he may have all good days or a mix of a couple of bad and the remainder good. The doctor and nurses stated the same..."everyone is different", each body reacts differently to the medication and the reinfusion process. Since John has done so well so far, he may not have a bad ride. The doctor said to John "ride it out", he is doing great.

The scary part is gone for the most part, now we just need to wait it out after the reinfusion is  done.
It will be a waiting process from here on out...there is a light at that end of this dark tunnel...I knew it! I am keep the faith, praying and holding strong...14 days and counting......

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wed Afternoon

Day 3, Wed. Afternoon;

It is about 10 mins to 5 pm, John has just started to feel really tired and the nausea is setting in big time.
It kills me to see him this way. There is only medication that can help  him now. I feel so helpless. I ask him if he wants water or something to eat, I know that is not going to help, but it just sounds and makes me feel better to at least try to help. The nurse just left to go get him some meds to see if that will help. Hopefully it will. He needs to try and get some sleep.

I hate to leave him this way. I wish I didn't have to go back to the hotel, I will stay until he feels better. Last shuttle leaves at 8:30 pm.


I haven't blogged in 2 months!! Shame on me. So much has been going on, I just haven't had the time or the energy to sit and blog.
John is going to have a stem cell transplant done. He went to Dana Farber for a consult and to schedule a date of admissions for the transplant. All this took place the end of Sept. He was told in Sept. he would have pretty much the month of Oct. to get his affairs in place, for he would be gone to Boston  for the month of Nov. (well pretty much the month of Nov.
It all began on Oct. 26th, John would need to have his stem cells harvested to be reinfused. He was lucky enough to be able to have his own stem cells reinfused. Some people are not so lucky and have to find a donor. Which makes everything much worse for the patient and family. When you have your own cells reinfused, there is less risk of infection and rejection, since it is your own.
John starting his harvesting on the 26th he would need 2 million cells. Either he would get them all harvested in 1 day or 2, we of course were hoping for 2 days, however as our luck would run he would have to harvest for  2 days. Which is fine, it is just a pain in the butt. We had to get a room in Boston for 2 nights. It takes 7 hours a day to harvest. By the time John is done he is so tired, and who feels like dealing with anything.
He did it! 2nd day!!!! Harvesting done!! WHOOOH!!! We get to go home for 6 days to turn around and come back so he can have the transplant done. Which brings me to present day....
Day 3, John had his first round of chemo last night (he will be getting chemo 2x's a day for 4 days), today will be his 2nd full day of chemo, they will start his 1st dose at 11 am, he will get his 2nd dose at 11 pm.
He did extremely well last night, he didn't get sick at all! Whew! He looks really good today, a little tired, but that is to be expected. Two more days of chemo and counting.
John is very strong willed, this surely will not get him down!
I will try my very best to give updates daily as I know all of you are concerned about John and his condition.
Thank you all!

Love and Hugs,

Cathie & John