Monday, August 3, 2009

The weekend after chemo treatment...

John is getting better with each chemo treatment. This past weekend was yet another great weekend! :0) Friday I worked until 7pm and got home to a surprise dinner! John made chicken pittaca, it was so good, I was so happy to see him happy and to be able to do something. I know he must feel guilty at timeshe wants to do something, anything, even fix something stupid in the house, but he can't because his energy level is so low. Any hew, dinner was great!
HE EVEN CLEANED UP!!! We watched a movie together, did our usual flushing of his pic lines, and went to bed. Great night!
Saturday morning John decided he was going to go to his friend Gary's house. Gary was working in his yard, John said he was just going to watch. I was a little hesitant in him going, I know John he can't sit still, he will want to help Gary with whatever he is doing. I dropped him off at Gary's around 11ish, I went home and cleaned the house. This worked out great I can actually "clean-clean". It is hard when John is at home and I am trying to work around him with the vacuum cleaner and Windex (lol). I feel bad having to ask him to move all the time. I called John at around 2:30 ish to see how he was doing, he said he was good and he was ready to be picked up. We had his niece's birthday to go to at 4pm that afternoon. I was a little concerned John had exerted all of his energy at Gary's. I picked him up and took him home to get ready for the party, he seemed pretty good. We went to the party for 4, I think he was a little nervous, Kevin's (John's brother) in-laws would be at the party and other family and friends. I am sure it must be hard walking into a back-yard filled with people and them all staring at you wondering if you are ok, etc. It was good. John had to explain a few times to different people his condition and treatment. He appeared to be ok. I felt bad. Thank God for his family, they truly are great people! They make the hard road so much easier to face. We left around 8 pm
(I know, long day for John).
I decided on Friday I was ready to go out with my friends on Saturday night. It took everything I had inside of me to do so. I felt horrible leaving him, I wanted him to be able to come with me . I had a good time going out and meeting my friends, but I can't lie, it just wasn't them same without him by my side. Every time someone asked about him, I felt a big lump in my throat, I just wanted to break down and cry. I held my tears back until I got in my car to drive home. I couldn't get there quick enough and see him. When I finally got home, it seemed like I was never going to get there. I got inside and found him fast asleep in bed with Oliver, he looked so two angels asleep...

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