Friday, August 7, 2009

CT Scan

John went for his CT Scan yesterday, this was a very important day. This scan is going to tell us if the cancer has spread to any other part of his body. He went to have the test done at 12:30 pm, after the test was done John went to the Fain Ctr for blood work and to speak with his doctor about the test results (or so we thought). We arrive at the Fain Center at 2:20 pm, his sister Gina met us there, (6 sets of eyes and ears are better than 4). John checks in with his nurse and proceeds to get his blood work done,Gina and I wait in the waiting room, about 15 minutes goes by and John is coming down the hall with a disappointing face, my heart sinks. John tells Gina and me that he did not get his results, it was just blood work today, a miscommunication in the dates and times. Odd. I could have sworn it was said, by whom I am not sure, that John would have his test results the same day of the testing. John's nurse told him he would not have the results for another 2 days. Not good. The waiting is the worst, especially with something of this nature. John, Gina and I leave the hospital and tell ourselves tomorrow is another day, we will call the doctor then to try and get the results.
John and I decided it is still early in the afternoon, we can run some errands and go pick Oliver at my sister's. We run all of our errands, grab something to eat and go to my sister's to pick up Oliver. We come home and there is a message on the ans machine "John, this is Sharon from the Fain Center, the CT Scan showed a blot clot in one of your veins, you need to come back to the Fain Center so we can administer Lovenox. WHAT?!?
First of all why in the world would you leave a message like that on an ans machine?!
John and I don't know what do to, we are in a panic. I call the Emergency Call Center (yeah right!), never get a nurse or a doctor the first phone call. Always have to wait. Yeah, NOT THIS TIME. I called once, no response in a 1/2 hr, called again until I got someone on the phone. Of course, the nurse tells John, get to the hospital ASAP! Off the the hospital we go, 9:00PM. Get to the ER, the nurse already knows John CANNOT wait in the ER - NEVER MIND SWINE FLU PEOPLE!! HELLO John's IMMUNE SYSTEM IS AT AN ALL TIME LOW!!! The registering nurse was a bitch, thank god for the nurse that was sitting there and had already spoke to John. We get into a room, wait 5 HOURS!!! Before a doctor comes in. John explains the events that occurred that day, and asked the doctor to get the CT results, which she did. They are clean? Who can read that test, besides a doctor? The doctor explained John would have to speak to his doctor about the results. He does have a minor clot in his groin area. He would have to get a shot in his belly 2X's a day for the next 5 days. Seriously!? What in the world is going on?!? It seems like the left doesn't know what the right is doing. It really looks very unprofessional. We are disgusted at this point. To add to this debacle, I notice at the bottom of the typed report, the nurses name...Sharon, Fain Center, time: 2:20 PM. ARE YOU !@#$% KIDDING ME?! WE WERE AT THE FAIN CENTER AT 2:20 PM! Come on, this isn't right. We are furious to say the least. Didn't go to bed until 1:30 a.m.

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