Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thursday, Aug. 13th Chemo and Doctor Visit

Today is John's 5th treatment of chemo. I can't even believe he is already on his 5th treatment, never mind that he has to have chemo treatment at all. Unbelievable. Still til this day I think to myself, why? what? is this for real. Everything for John and I was flipped upside down. I think and tell John if there is something you want or want to do, go and get it and go and do it!

John started his treatment as normal, the doctor came in to discuss with John his CT scan results and what in store for him. John and I had a list of questions for the doctor;
1) Cuts and scrapes on leg ok? Doctor stated they are fine. They look like they healing properly, no infection.
2) Lovenox (shot in the stomach) John wanted to know if there was a substitute for the shot. There are pills that John could take, however, they would have to test John's blood 2-3 times the first week he was on them in order to regulate the dosage he would need to take. Once this is regulated John would still need to have his blood done every week while he was on the pills. John decided to stay with the shots once a day for the next 3 months.
3) CT Scan
A) Quest on cyst. Dr. stated this is nothing to be concerned about, extremely small, normal at that.
B) Quest on lymph nodes. Not one lymph node is enlarged? Correct NO LYMPH NODES ARE ENLARGED (Sweet!)
C) Clot? There is a very small clot, it is not obstructing anything, to be on the safe side, John ordered to have the Lovenox shot done each day for the next 3 months.
D) Why did the clot occur? Dr stated it is undetermined.
4) Fingertip numbness? Dr stated it is ok, however if the numbness travels to the center of the hand to contact him.
5) Remission? Dr. stated John is radio graphically in remission. Which means the imaging does not show any disease present in John's body. Again the Dr. stated this is from a clinical standpoint, not pathological)
6) Information from CT Scan be sent to Dana Farber? The Dr. stated yes. Once all scan are completed and read he will be contacting Dana Farber. He noted to John and I he is in constant contact with renown Cancer Centers throughout the United States of America (to name a few Seattle, California and Mass)
7) Prednisone? All the side effects John described he was having are ok.

Once final treatment is done, John will have to wait 2 wks and then go for a PET Scan, if this is clear John will have the bone marrow test done. These tests will determine if there is a need for the actual bone marrow transplant. Very scary decision for John to make.I am extremely nervous about this bone marrow transplant. I have been doing research on this treatment. There is so much involved, John will be brought to the brink of death by all the chemo they will have to pump in his system in order to prepare his body for the transplant. Once the transplant is done he MUST stay in the hospital for at least,(they say online) 2 months. Once he comes home, which they suggest he stays near the hospital in which he received the transplant, he must visit the dr 2 to 3 times a week. He will not fully recover from the transplant for 1 full year. No ifs ands or buts about it. John's immune system will be almost nothing. He pretty much will be confined to the house. I am so confused and worried for him....

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