Monday, August 10, 2009

The weekend...August 8th and 9th

I can't believe how John is doing, it really makes me happy to see him up and out and about.
This weekend was yet another great weekend!
Friday, John went to his sister's for the day, and ended up staying for dinner that night. I had to work, I didn't end up going. I wanted John to have some family time. I think he needed it.
He didn't come home until 10:00 pm! He had such a good time! So nice to see that smile! Fills my heart with joy for him.

Saturday, John and his brother went to my sister's house to help her put together her TV stand and hook up her brand new TV! Sweet! John was there for the entire day. Kevin drove back to his house to drop himself off and then John drove home! Yes! John is driving! He feels just that good! (we are not getting crazy, he drives short distances only)

We had another "Sunday Funday" with my sister, me, my sister and John went sofa shopping.
John did not need to use the wheelchair or anything, he walked each store we went to. Unbelievable! He did end up buying a leather sofa for the living room, really nice leather, really sharp looking, it is going to look really nice in the living room. Now we need to sell the sofa that we are using now, (by Sunday!) the new sofa is being delivered on Sunday.
John has been on Craig's List all day today, keeps him busy, and we need to get some stuff on the site to sell. We have so many things that we just don't use or we just don't have room for anymore.
John has been having his moments, I think he gets scared, and snaps at me or the dog sometimes. He does catch himself and his mood goes from snappy to happy.
It is so stressful, and tiring all at the same time trying to keep everything organized, keep the laundry going and done, keep the house clean, keep John's pills and appoints on schedule.

I will have to say, I am pleasantly surprised when dinner is ready when I get home. I am glad he has decided to take an interest in cooking. Let's just hope he stays with it.

Ha! I just got off the phone with him, asked him what he had planned for dinner, he said he wasn't really all that interested in cooking tonight...ahhhhh.....soooo soon....he is already starting to lose interest!?! I hope not...

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