Friday, August 7, 2009


I have to sit and wonder to myself, what people are truly thinking.
John calls his doctor this morning (9:30 ish) to discuss his test results and to discuss what happen the night before in regards to leaving a message like that on some one's answering machine, and why wasn't a phone call made to his cell phone.
John gets in touch with his nurse, he explains what he encountered, and of course he gets the "I'm sorry". Sorry doesn't cut it sister. This is someones life you are dealing with. This is not a !@$ game! She tells John to tell me not to give him the shot, she wants to be sure that is what he is suppose to be getting. Again, are you !@#$% kidding me?! He was told via ANS MACHINE that was the drug that was to be administer and again at the hospital last night. COME ON!
John asks to speak with his doctor and of course, he is not available. She will leave a message for him to call him back. She will have to call him back too, she needs to confirm the medication.
It is 12:15 pm, I am leaving for work and suggest to John to call the Fain Center again, he can't wait on this shot. I go to work and get a phone call at 2:30 pm from John, he spoke to a different nurse who told John the doctor apologizes, he can't come to the phone, but your CT Scan is great and he is going in the right direction. WHAT?! The nurse asked John if he took his shot, he told her, no. Jenn (John's nurse) told him not to, she needed to confirm that was the right medication. The nurse on the phone comps and attitude with John and tells him he needs to take his shot before it gets to late in the day. He needs to take 2 shots, 12 hours apart. John is furious. Can't say that I blame him. YOU HAVE CANCER, YOUR DOCTOR HAS YOUR CT SCAN RESULTS THAT ARE SUPER IMPORTANT, AND YOU DON'T HAVE TIME TO COME TO THE PHONE?! Not good. John has 2 more chemo treatments left. John needs 2 treatments and then another scan. John really needs to get a new doc and have his results sent to Dr. Jacobsen at Dana Farber.
I just got off the phone with John, he is on his way to Gina's house to search for a new doctor.
This is getting out of hand...John shouldn't have to deal with this. Isn't it bad enough he has this horrible disease!? ...I hate this...

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