Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Beyond Boston

I apologize for those who have been following JohnnyP's Journey with Cancer. The last time I blogged was when we were in Boston. John had a stem cell transplant on Nov. 9th, it was a success!  What an amazing process. The body is such a unique piece of machinery. John had his transplant, and never skipped a beat. The nurses and doctor's were simply amazed by John. Honestly, they would come into his room to check on him and were just amazed at how much strength he had, he had such a positive attitude, which helped the process. The nurse had told me, without a positive attitude it is so difficult. It also helped that I was there. I stayed by John's side every step of the way. I was in a hotel for 21 days. The Hampton Inn in Boston. Just 15 minutes away from Brighams and Women's Hospital. I could have never stayed in RI. God forbid something ever happen to John and I was miles away from him.
John spent 21 days in Brighams and Womens' Hospital...what a great place. The nurses and doctor's are the best. The nurses and doctor's  took to John like everyone else does (of course), became instant friends with each and every one of them. I know people say, it's their job. However, this group was exceptional, anything, at anytime. Some of the nurses knew what John needed before he asked for it. Made me speechless.
Time in Boston was stressful, it wasn't always a sunny day. There were days where I just wanted to go home. I can't lie. I missed our lives back in Cranston. Me, my JohnnyP, and Oliver. A small but happy family.  Speaking of family. John and I are extremely lucky to have such a great family and friends in our lives.
John's Family, there are no words. His Mom, held up, I really thought she was going to break-down somedays, but she held it together. It must have been hard, watching your son lie in a hospital bed, unable to do anything. There was no magic wand to make John better. Sickness takes a toll on all family members. My sister. Dear God, I thank God I have her. I don't know what I would have done without her. Speechless. I can't thank her enough. She stayed/lived at our house for almost an entire month to take care of Oliver. She drove back and forth to Boston, I can't count how many times. Thank you God for my sister. Our friends. We truly were blessed with a great group of friends. Grant it there are a couple, that don't even deserve a mention in this blog. USELESS is a word for them. They know who they are. Friends, friends, so thankful for our friends. You find out who your true friends are when something like and illness happens. They either retreat, or come out in full force. I am so glad the real friends came out in full force. Dorothy, my dear friend Dorothy. Took my place at the tanning salon, ran it for me while I was in Boston. Kelly, always on email,whenever I need to laugh. Kathleen. My long lost friend. Always on Facebook, chatted with me almost every night on Facebook. Claudia. My oldest and dearest friend, even with her illness, always manage to find the time to call to see how we were doing. John's friend Jeff, another one, has so many things going on in his life, still always managed to call John. Almost everyday. Even came to see him in Boston!

I have to stop and take a deep breath, close my eyes and say to myself "did this really happen to us?"
I am looking forward to 2010....leave behind 2009...and everything that went along with it....no more sickness...all we ask for is a happy, healthy and wealthy 2010....