Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend of August 14th

Great weekend! It looks like John is in "clinical remission" and boy does it show. He got up on Saturday morning ready to go! He didn't know where or what he was going to do, but he was going to do something. John felt he wasn't feeling well enough to drive, so he would need to find someone who would be around and wanted to do something. Shock, he ended up with my sister (they have totally bonded! LOL!Friday are usually "their" days, this weekend it happen to be Saturday) My sister came by and picked up John, well, she drove his truck to his brother-in-laws landscaping business, John had cut some wood last year and stored it in one of the vacant lots where the landscaping business is. He decided to go and pick up some wood for her and shrink wrap some wood for himself to sell on Craig's list (oh Craig's list...that is an entirely different blog). They picked a load of wood, drove it back to my sister's house, dropped it off, and then stack it in her backyard behind her shed.
I almost lost it when I heard this, John is not suppose to be in the sun for one or getting hurt! John swore to me all he did was supervise, which my sister did confirm, whew!
He really had a full day, and loved every minute of it. It made him so happy to be out and doing something, and something he likes to do. This makes me happy to see him this way, you can see it in his face and in his body language, just to be out and about with people, doing normal things.
I prayer to whatever God will listen to me, please let John be disease free....that is my wish for him...

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