Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday Night

Our friend Dot came over Saturday night, I wasn’t sure John was going to be awake or not, he said he was tired, but ok to sit and chat with Dot. Dot is always good for a few laughs, and that we did. It makes me happy to see John happy. She brought him a tiny little blueberry pie and a cup of ice cream…literally a cup of ice cream (she is too funny).
John decided he was going to save it for later (which means tomorrow). Dot stayed until at least 11:30. We went to bed around 12.

Sunday Funday!

We always try to have a “Sunday Funday”, this Sunday was truly a Sunday Funday.
Our friend Luann has an annual beach party at Scarborough South Beach, we have gone every year, and John was determined to go. I think he may have been a little hesitant at first, but then figured he would go and if he didn’t feel good we could just go home.
I got our beach bag together, loaded up a few towels, (not that we would need them, but you never know), the cooler and can’t forget the sunscreen. I decided I was going to enjoy a few beers that day, I have done that in awhile, I feel bad drinking in front of John. We would always enjoy a few beers at the beach, not too much, just enough to enjoy.
Off to the liquor store we go. Before leaving for the liquor store John suggested I use the beer that was in the fridge, yes, I could have done that. However, I wanted to keep that in there incase someone dropped by and wanted a beer. Wrong move on my part! The switch was flicked and out came Prednisone Pete, oh boy, here we go. We get to the liquor store, I go in, get myself some beer, John 2 sodas and water, he brought 2 waters with him to start. I was in a panic, confused, I don’t know what I was, but I forgot to get ice in the liquor store. I said I am not going back in there; I will just go to 7/11 next door and get a bag (it is cheaper there anyway). Oh Dear God it was like I just pulled out the last piece of hair on John’s head. The swearing that came out of his mouth, I can’t even repeat, of how much !@#$ time it is going to take to get to the beach, never mind we have to drop off Oliver at my sisters house. Poor Oliver, always gets caught in the crossfire, he is clueless of what is going on. Thru John’s eyes that moment, Oliver was the biggest pain in the ass, why do you have to drop him off this is so @#$% stupid, etc, etc. You get the jest of the outburst. I just closed my eyes, took a deep breath and was silent the entire ride to my sister’s house. Dropped Oliver off to play with his cousin Sydney and then off to the beach party. Please keep in mind my sister lives right off of 1A, which brings you where??? Right to the beach, hence the trip to drop off the dog wasn’t out of the way.
We got to the beach at around 2ish, and of course the beach was beyond packed. They were not letting any cars in the main entrance. John and I drove around for a good 15 minutes before we went back to the main entrance so we could park on the grass.
Once we got into the beach parking lot and got to the party, things were fine. The switched flicked back to John and we had a great time. So good to see him among friends, laughing, talking, he even had a beer! I am not sure if it was an entire beer, but 1 beer. With a water to chase it, had to do that, John can’t afford to get dehydrated. We really had a good time; it was nice to get out and about together. A few people approached John, and there of course was the silent moment of not knowing what to say, but eventually the conversation starts and everything is ok. Everyone truly likes John, some people I would even say love him…I know I do….

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Chriss said...

I love my buddy Johnny P!!!! We always find something to do!!