Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 2010

Spring has finally come, and we have so much to be thankful for. John received the best news he could have ever received....CANCER FREE! He will still have to see the doctor to have a PET Scan done to be sure; "it" is truly gone! It has been one bumpy and amazing road. I still to this day cannot believe this happen to John. I guess it will be something I will truly never be able to wrap my head around it.

John has become, John again. He looks normal and is so acting normal. The only thing different is he cannot return to work at Coca Cola. The job is extremely physical and his body just could not take it. There are so many side effects, still, from the chemo that his body just couldn't keep up with that kind of labor, so John is out of work and at home driving me crazy. He has started to attach himself to Ebay. Selling. He has picked up this hobby if you will, it all started with a small tin can of old coins he found in our basement. He was thinking perhaps we had hit pay dirt and one of the coins or maybe some of the coins would be worth something. To his dismay, they were not. However, as he started to research and learn the history behind the coins, it brought up other interesting objects we had in our basement, which created "John the Antique Guy". He has been researching all kinds of stuff. He actually found some of his childhood toys in his Mom's attic. He did some research and found there are collectors for these toys and started selling all of his childhood toys. I will have to say it is interesting the history behind the toys, and how much they are worth to collectors etc. However, he has turned our living room into Ebay central! I feel for John I really do. I know it is hard, being at home, bored, not be able to work. There is only so much one can do during the day, especially if it is a rainy day! Yikes! Then what. You can't go outside and play. Well you could, but it wouldn't be much fun. Thank the good Lord above the good weather is on its way! I don't know what to suggest to him to do during the day when I am at work. I feel bad, but there is only so much one person can do and can take.
I am going a little crazy myself. It is hard, I can only do so much, I know it is hard on a person when you go from being ill, (I am speaking of John), being home bound and then being hospital bound, to coming home and having to adjust to being "normal" again. What an adjustment it takes on a person, mind and body.