Friday, September 25, 2009

Week of the 21st

I haven’t blogged since the 16th; it has been about a week.

Each time the phone rings, your heart sinks, is it the nurse, and what is the news going to be? John had his bone marrow test done last Thursday, he was suppose to have his results back this Monday, I knew he was worried, no call from the doctor’s office, it is 3:45 pm, they close at 5:00 pm. I ask if he wants me to call for him, answer is no, so scared and nervous, don’t know which way to turn. My theory is “no news is good news”. Tuesday morning, waiting for the phone to ring, jump at the sound of it, run to it with a ton of questions running in your head. John picks up the phone call, doctor states “your test results are CLEAN!!” “Everything is CLEAN” “There is no sign of cancer in your body at this time” Oh my God! Thank you. John was so excited he actually told the doctor “I love you man”. Really cute! WHEW! And a big WHEW! at that.

Dear God, you  gotten us this far, please, just be there for the bone marrow transplant. Please.

Now the gammet of testing begins for John. His body must be in prestine condition before he has the bone marrow transplant done. Head to toe! He will be going for all sorts of testing at the hospital, series of blood work, a pulmanairy test, and a few other I fail to remember at this point, there are so many. He also has to go to the dentist to have his mouth completely clean. John cannot take the chance of infection. He actually went to the dentist on Tuesday, all day affair. He started off with a consult at the dentist, and he was told he needs to have two teeth pulled and two root canals. John is not a big fan of the dentist - at all! He has to get all these procedures done by the first week of November.

The nurse at this dentist office was great! Got John in at the oral surgeon for a consult the same day, he will be having his teeth pulled on Wednesday. And there was one other dentist he has to go to for the root canal, which will be October 5th. Then he should be done with the dentist.

Next step getting all the paperwork completed for Dana Farber. He actual received a binder,  inch thick, with all sorts of information on the hospital and his procedure. Dear God.

I tell myself one day at a time. I am actually in awe of John’s courage, and strength. To be hit with this disease and have to fight all the punches, no matter what comes his way.

I admire everything about him. His spirit is so strong, it helps me to be strong and keep up my spirits. I have to, he is my love…now and always….his “babe”

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Chriss said...

He has been so strong, and we have such fun when I have spent my days off with him. He is alot stronger than I would be that is for sure!!
Great news from the Dr.,journey ahead, but we can handle it,we are a family and we will work together to get through it!!