Wednesday, September 9, 2009

PET Scan, Tuesday the 8th

John had his first PET Scan yesterday. It went well, nothing to it! Just another test where you have to drink that disqusting liquid, that they "try" to make taste good? I can never tell if he is nervous or not prior to testing. I know that he was starving! He was not able to have any thing to eat before the test. I felt so bad, I got up in the morning (early, before him), went to Dunkin, got a coffee and a muffin, ate it quickly before he got up. I didn't want to eat in front of him, felt too bad to do that. John got up and pretty much waited until the last possible minute to take a shower and go to have the test done, which was at RI Hospital. It didn't take a long to get there, but we left early, you never know with hospitals, if they are running on schedule or not. We got there a good half hour before John was scheduled to go in, the nurse said to John you are in luck today, the person before you cancelled, you should be able to go in earlier than expected. Oh happy day!
Sure enough, John was able to go in earler that expected. I was actually able to go into the room where they give him the dye injection, I sat with him while he got that and then they gave him that drink...yuck!
Unfortunately I was unable to sit with him while he had the test done. Too much radiation. I left him with a kiss good-bye and some luck. I went downstairs to the gift shop, got a book and magazine, came back upstairs to the waiting area. No sooner did I sit down and flip threw the magazine, John's nurse was at the door telling me John would be out in 60 seconds. What? That was quick. Well it seemed quick to me, I am sure it wasn't for John. There he came down the hallway, my heart sinks everytime I seem him come out from a test, or doctor's visit. I can't explain it. I feel so bad. It is just so unfair!
Poor John was starving, I suggested we go downstairs to the Au poin bon of my favorites. We had a nice sandwich there. I could see John couldn't wait to get home. He said on the way home his belly wasn't feeling all that great. Which was to be expected, after drinking that crap, yuck. He literally raced into the house to the bathroom, I will just leave it at that. He proceeded to get in a comfty position on the couch and try to take a nap. The phone is constantly ringing. All John wanted to do was take a nap. He did for a little bit, but he really needed a good nap. After his nap, we had dinner and watched some TV and went to bed. Long day....tommorrow we find out the results....fingers crossed.....

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