Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Haven't posted in weeks!!!

Thursday, August 27th, John's Last Day of Chemo!!! John and I met with his doctor (this was an unscheduled visit by the doctor). Dr. Castillo explained to John that this would be his last chemo treatment. All of the blood work, tests and scan John has done prior to today's date have all been good. He told John he spoke with several of his colleagues' (throughout the USA) about John's case. It is in John's best interest to have a bone marrow transplant done. The transplant would increase his survival rate. John will be using his own marrow.
In some cases, patients may be their own bone marrow donors. This is called an autologous BMT and is possible if the disease afflicting the bone marrow is in remission or if the condition being treated does not involve the bone marrow (e.g. breast cancer, ovarian cancer, Hodgkin's disease, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and brain tumors). The bone marrow is extracted from the patient prior to transplant and may be "purged" to remove lingering malignant cells (if the disease has afflicted the bone marrow) By John using his own marrow, he will have less complications. Dr. Castillo explained, when a donor is involved there is an increase of complications, infections, etc. The doctor suggested for John to have the transplant done at Roger Williams hospital, by Dr. Alhoma (sp?), he specializes in bone marrow transplants. Dr. Castillo added he will be in contact with Dana Farber to discuss John, however he recommended for John to go and see the doctor at Roger Williams. John's timeline is as follows: PET Scan in 2 wks, 1 wk after the PET Scan he will see Dr. Castillo, an appt will be made to do the bone marrow transplant test. John will have a 4-8 wks resting period before the bone marrow transplant is done. While John has the 2wks span before he gets the bone marrow test done, the doctor suggested he make an appt to go see the doctor at Roger Williams Hospital.

After John's treatment finished his nurse asked him if he wanted to "ring the bell". The Fain Center has this big gold bell, everytime someone finishes their chemo treament they RING THE BELL, it's like a bell of victory! It was so emotional, so happy, excited, unsure of what lies ahead, but for that moment when John rang that bell I thought please lord let this be the last time we ever have to see the inside of the Fain Center again (well for chemo treatments anyway).

So happy for my honey,he doesn't have to have those freakin' treatments anymore....let's keep it that way.....please!

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