Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

I can't believe it is already Labor Day Weekend! Crazy! Some days I think time is dragging by, I just want for John to be rid of this disease. Enough already. I feel so many different feelings hard to really pinpoint one. My mind is always running with so many different questions of what are future holds, it is scary. I am starting to forget things. I am trying to get so many things done quickly, I forget what I just did. Like this morning, I was driving to work thinking to myself "did I uplug the iron" (I didn't) UGH!! I had to call John and ask him to go downstairs an uplug it.

John has been off of his prednisone for 4 days now. The past 4 days have been a roller coaster to say the least. The withdrawals from this drug....I can't explain it. One day John is OK, attitude OK, everything is going fine, and then....switch....I don't know who is in the room. Satan? Not John, that's for sure. And then, the switch goes back to John. I find myself trying to watch what I say or what I do. At this point, whatever I do, it is NOT right. No matter what it is. It could be from not having his juice out in the morning, to forgetting a cheeseburger for dinner. Anything! Anything could set him off to turn into "Withdrawal Will" as I have nicknamed him. I am afraid to ask any questions, I never know what kind of reaction I am going to get. It is very difficult and stressful all at the same time. I feel bad, I know he is sick, so I just try to lay low. I even tell the dog, watch out mister, Daddy is in rare form, don't know how long it is going to last, so hold on tight.

Here is a better example. The computer. Let me start off by saying, I feel that Cox Communications is the worst carrier ever! SPEEDY INTERNET MY !@#$ Everyday, everyday, John sits down at the computer, it takes forever to get the Internet to come up.

John has decided to introduce himself to Facebook. It is a good way to get connect to family, old friends, etc. Fine. There is a game on Facebook called "Farm Town". I am on it, my sister, our friend Lisa and a few of my friends. The game is you work as a farmer on your farm. You plow, plant and harvest for money. You try to achieve as many levels as you can, this helps to buy more land, things for your farm, seeds, a barn, a house, even a mansion. All in all it is pretty funny. You can go to your friends farm and work on it for money, and experience points, it is just for fun. I find it therapeutic myself (lol)
The thing with Facebook/Farm Town, is there is so much to download that the computer takes twice as long and as you are working on your farm it will kick you out. Meaning, the computer will totally freeze up. Then you have to shut off the computer and log in again. This to John is like trying to climb Mt. Everest! OMG! I never heard so much swearing, banging on the computer. I told him to find something else to do. GO back to the word searches. OR, have someone come look at the computer to find out why it is doing that. I tried clearing up some disc space, getting rid of old files, etc. I don't know what the heck could be wrong with it.
I am fearing I will come home one day to find it on the front lawn!
Otherwise. John is doing good, he is trying to keep his spirits up, I know it's hard on him, it's hard on all of us....

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