Friday, July 24, 2009


John has had yet another good week! He really does look good considering what he has been going thru. I think the chemo is doing it's job. He went for blood work yesterday, he has to go every week to see what his count is. He has had so much trouble keeping it to where it should be. He contacted the doctor's office this morning it is a 9.6! I know it sounds crazy that we get so excited he is at a 9.6. The normal count should be 12-14.

Gina (his sister) and his Mom stopped by this morning and their way back from his Mom's PT session. He had some breakfast, we chatted for a bit, Dana Farber called to confirm his appointment on Tues, the 28th. We can't wait to go, we need some concrete answers on John's condition. This will be John's second opinion and what steps should be taken, meaning should he continue on with Miriam and his doctor's at that facility or go with Dana Farber.

Gina and Carol (his Mom) had to go, Gina had to go pick up Steven (John's nephew). They left and I had to leave myself to go to work.

My sister called last night, she may stop by. John said he may go to his sister's, he wasn't sure.

I will check in today with him at least two to three times, can never be sure sure...I am always at ease when I hear his voice...

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