Friday, July 24, 2009

Day after fishing...

I took the day off yesterday to spend with John, I like to see him having something to do each day. I thought maybe if he was feeling up to it we could go for a ride, maybe go to the Christmas Tree shop, pick up an ottoman for our friend Dot (that is an entirely different story for a different day). He woke up in a pretty good state of mind yesterday, he said he was having little aches and pains here and there, he thinks it was all the fun he had fishing the day before. Which would make sense, since he really hadn't done anything physical for weeks. He decided he would rather stay in then go out, maybe take a little cat nap. I decided to catch up on some cleaning and maybe go to the store get a few things. He said that was fine, I think he was at ease that I was going to be around and at home with him. I don't mind in the least, I would do anything for him, anything! We watched some TV together for a little bit, I went to the store for an hour or so, came back and made some dinner. Then we did our normal routine, flush his lines, take his vitals, once that is done he is usually ready for snack time! Too funny, he is hooked on sherbet now, and frozen yogurt. All in all he had a pretty good night.

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